Brad’s Wrasse and Angel Reef

About the Owner

I am a 52-year-old father and husband. I have an understanding wife, Vickie, and two gorgeous daughters, Natalie and Megan. I am self taught in the saltwater aquarium hobby and, after nine years, think I may no longer be a beginner. I have been an active member of my local aquarium club, Wastch Marine Aquarium Society (WMAS), for eight years. I graduated high school over thirty-five years ago and got into ceramic tile installation. I made a career out of it and still enjoy my craft to this day. My first aquarium was a 29-gallon freshwater tank that I kept for three years. Next was a 65-gallon saltwater aquarium. That tank is still up and running to this day. My pride and joy is my 225-gallon reef!

Brad Syphus
Murray, Utah


Tank Volume 225 Gallons
Tank Dimensions 72" x 24" x 30"
Glass or Acrylic Acrylic
Sump Volume 70 Gallons
Stand Type or Material Steel stand with wood veneer skin


Main Return Pump ReeFlo Dart Sequence Pump
Water Return Type 2" return manifold
Additional Pumps ReeFlo Dart Pump on a closed loop
Wavemaking Devices 2 x EcoTech Marine MP40 VorTech Propeller Pumps


Temperature Controls No heater or chiller
Fans One in sump and one above water surface
Heater No
Chiller No


Protein Skimmer Deltec AP702
Ozonizer Enaly Ozone Generator
Carbon Yes
Refugium Yes
Live Rock in Display Yes
Live Rock in Sump Yes
Sand/Substrate Yes
Metal Halide Bulbs 3 x 250 watt Phoenix 14000K Double-Ended Bulbs
Fluorescent Bulbs 4 x 39 watt ATI T5 Blue Plus Bulbs
Reflectors Sunlight Supply Maristar 72" Light Fixture
Lighting Controller Neptune Systems AquaController 3
Photoperiod 11 AM - 10 PM
System Parameters
Temperature 72ºF - 76ºF
Specific Gravity 1.025
pH 8.3
Alkalinity 9-11 dKh
Calcium 450 ppm
Mg 1400ppm
Test Kit Brand(s) Salifert
Nitrate 10 ppm
Phosphate 0
Resins or Devices Used to Control Nitrate/Phosphate Korallin Biodenitrator S1502 and PO4-X Nitrate & Phosphate Reducer
Calcium Reactor Deltec PF601S

Maintenance Schedule

Water changes 30 Gallon water change once every other week
Bulb Replacements Every 6 months
Water Tests Calcium, Alkalinity (KH) and Magnesium
Resin Replacements Every 2 months
Type of Salt Used Oceanic


Fish New Life Spectrum pellets, Spirulina flakes and all types of frozen food. Feed at least 3 times a day
Corals/Inverts Fish poop only


Stony Corals

  • Too many to name

Noteworthy Specimens

  • Huge Branching Hammer Coral 20" in diameter.