Liam Lovatt’s Red Sea Max S-650 Mixed Reef Aquarium – A Featured Tank from the UK!

About the Owner

Reefing interesed me from an early age due to me living in Tropical areas because my dad was a professional diver and often used to bring me interesting things or stories. I started reefing around 20 years ago, back in the days of Tufa Rock and Undergravel Filters, where you were lucky to keep a tube worm alive for longer than 6 weeks. Back then it was all about the fish for me, with very little information for corals.

After quite a few glass boxes with rusting metal lids and External/Undergravel Filters I found the Red Sea range of tanks. I decided I should stop killing corals the first step was to get a good understanding of what they needed. At around the same time decent affordable lighting and better coral information was becoming readily available online. I spent many hours using the search function on forums but the thing that really made me understand what corals need to flourish was the Red Sea Reef Care Program. As soon as I had my head around the basics it all seemed to fall into place. I now had the confidence to splash out on more valuable corals. The corals grew so fast I quickly upgraded from a Red Sea 130 to a Red sea 250 before arriving at this Red Sea S-Max 650.

-Liam Lovatt

Display Tank Red Sea Max S650
Display Tank Volume 150 Gallons
Tank Dimensions 63" x 27.5" x 25"
Sump Volume 25 Gallons
Aquarium Material Glass


Main Return Pump Royal Exclusive RD3
Plumbing Stock Red Sea plumbing and vinyl tubing
Overflow Stock Red Sea internal overflow box with emergency drain
Powerheads x2 Gyre XF150

Controllers & Monitors

Aquarium Controller STC1000 Temperature Controller
Heater Dual Schego 300w Titanium
Chiller D&D DC750
Alerts Water Detector, SMS Power Alert, SMS Temperature Alert, Webcam
Protein Skimmer Royal Exclusive Bubble King Double Cone 200 RD3
CO2 Scrubber Pacific Sun
Media Reactors Pacific Sun
Media Red Sea REEF-Spec Carbon, Blue Tang Marine
Live Rock 150 lbs
LED x5 Aqua Illumination Hydra 26 LED Lights
Photoperiod 8am - 6pm
Water Testing
ATI Lab ICP Testing Every 2-3 months
Red Sea Pro Test Kits Weekly
Maintenance & Dosing
Water Exchanges None
Dosing Kamoer X4 WiFi Dosing Pumps
Additives Red Sea Reef Care Program
Water Tests Weekly using Red Sea Test Kits and every 2-3 months ATI Lab ICP Testing
Media Replacements Carbon as needed, CO2 Media every 2-3 weeks
Fish New Era Algae and Marine Pellets, Nori, Ocean 55 Pellets, A la Carte Tinned Brine Shrimp
Coral Red Sea Reef Energy
Frequancy Once Daily for fish pellets


  • Mocha Clownfish - 14 Years Old!
  • Black-n-White Clownfish
  • 3x Yellow Tangs
  • x2 Mandarin Dragonette  - Paired
  • Blotched Anthis
  • Regal Foxface
  • Blue Tank
  • x5 Lyretail Anthias
  • x3 Tri-color Anthias

SPS Corals

  • Purple Histrix
  • Purple Stylophora
  • Guttatus, Sermentosa
  • Red Montipora Digitata
  • Green Montipora Digitata
  • Ice Fire
  • Red Dragon
  • Hurlock
  • Purple Beacon Acro
  • Green Plating Montipora
  • Red Plating Montipora
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Yellow Shortcake
  • Purple Berry Granulosa
  • Reverse Sunset Montipora
  • Rainbow Montipora
  • Blue Berry Montipora
  • Orange Setosa
  • Chilli Pepper Montipora
  • Oregon Tort
  • Tenuis Acropora
  • Acropora Hoeksemai
  • Acropora Hyacinthus
  • Blue Tip Stag
  • Green Stag
  • Greg C Ultimate Stag
  • Tri Colour Acropora
  • Purple Nana Acropora
  • Red Planet Acropora

Soft Corals

  • Rainbow Trachyphyllia
  • Red and Green Trachyphyllia
  • Green and Pink Trachyphyllia
  • Mint Trumpets
  • Toxic Green Trumpets
  • Frogspawn
  • Elegance coral
  • Pagoda coral
  • Blastomussa
  • Night Fire Chalice
  • Red White Chalice
  • Red Yellow Eye Chalice
  • Pink Chalice
  • Master Water Melon Chalice
  • Duncan coral
  • Dragon Eye Favia
  • Scolymia
  • Hydnophora
  • Lobophyllia

Soft Coral and Anemones

  • Red bubble tip anemone
  • Sunny D zoas
  • Candy Apple zoas
  • Utter Chaos zoas
  • Blue Hornet zoas
  • Pink Zipper zoas
  • Pin Wheel zoas
  • Mandarin zoas
  • Yellow Ricordia
  • Blue Ricordia


  • Turbo Snails
  • Trochus Snails
  • Star Shell Snails
  • Halloween Hermits
  • Blue Leg Hermits
  • Red leg Hermits
  • Soccer Hermits
  • Algae Hermits
  • Electric Blue Hermits
  • Money Cowrie
  • Blood Shrimp
  • Cleaner Shrimp
  • x2 Blue Linkia Starfish
  • Tube Worms
  • Black and White Tiger Maxima Clam