How to Plumb a Sump – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

Basic Sump A sump is essentially a container that houses your aquarium filtration equipment.  To learn more about how a sump can benefit your aquarium you can check out our post, What is a Sump.  A basic sump system consists of all the major filtration elements needed to sustain a reef tank. Your overflow draws […]

How often should I change my T5 bulbs?

To keep corals happy, T5 bulbs need to be replaced regularly. This article from popular T5 bulb manufacturer ATI breaks down the factors that affect bulb life and explains when and how to replace them.

How to Get Your Family More Involved in the Aquarium Hobby

Getting your family interested and involved in the aquarium hobby is a great way to not only strengthen your relationships but also allows you to spend the necessary time on your tank and not neglect what matters most in your life. It might also make it much easier to convince your spouse that it is […]

Felicia’s 40 Gallon Breeder Mixed Reef Predator Tank

We are back with another amazing Marine Depot Featured Tank Profile. This 40 gallon breeder is quite unique in that it houses a myriad of corals along alongside some deadly predator fish that most of us are not used to seeing in such a beautiful and thriving reef tank. The tank is proudly owned by […]