How to Get Your Family More Involved in the Aquarium Hobby

Getting your family interested and involved in the aquarium hobby is a great way to not only strengthen your relationships but also allows you to spend the necessary time on your tank and not neglect what matters most in your life. It might also make it much easier to convince your spouse that it is […]

The Benefits of Using T5/LED Hybrid Lighting for Your Reef Tank

T5 has long been a popular choice for reef tank lighting. Great results combined with the ability to customize color with different bulb combinations are what led high output T5 fluorescent lighting to reach the forefront of reef aquarium lighting options. However, having to replace bulbs every 9 months and the heat produced by these […]

How to Care for a Flame Wrasse in Your Saltwater Aquarium

Wrasses have always been a family of fish that reefers have been fascinated by. With its huge diversity of about 600 species, it is easy to find a perfect wrasse for any reef tank. Unlike clownfish and many tangs or angelfish, multiple wrasse species or harems of a species can often be kept together in […]

How To Mix Saltwater for Your Reef Aquarium

Through the evolution of keeping a reef tank, one thing that stays consistent is the need to perform water changes. Water changes remove waste and replenish the necessary elements your tanks inhabitants need to grow and thrive. Many of us start by purchasing saltwater from a local fish store for water changes, which does have […]

Auto Top-Off Systems: Which ATO is right for you?

In a saltwater aquarium, maintaining a constant salinity level is extremely important to the health of your fish and corals. Water constantly evaporates from the aquarium, while the salt in the aquarium does not. A replenishment system is required to replace the water that evaporates or else the salinity may quickly rise to unsafe levels. […]

Frogfish: How to build a species-specific aquarium

As you become more and more immersed in the aquarium hobby, you quickly learn that a wide variety of marine animals are actually made available to the general public. Albeit tempting, some of these animals are simply not suitable to be thrown into your mixed reef aquarium for a number of reasons. Aggression towards tank-mates, […]

Ecoxotic EcoPico: Shopping for Fish

Acclimating fish using the Float Method. After fertilizing, planting and outfitting my Ecoxotic EcoPico with a teeny-tiny heater from Hydor, I decided to let the tank get established for another month before adding livestock. What secrets lie behind the driftwood? Experienced aquarists often emphasize the importance of patience in this hobby. I am by no […]

Reef Necessities, 7/8/09

It’s baaaack. That’s right, another edition of Reef Necessities is here … and just in time, too. Summer is in full swing and we’ve been receiving a lot of questions lately from hobbyists asking how they can keep their aquarium temperatures stable during the hot summer months. While chillers and evaporators are always an option, […]